Thar Desert Projects

Drinking-Water RO Plant 

We are reviving a closed RO plant that can filter & process 35,000 gallons per day. Upon completion, this will deliver clean drinking water to 59 villages in its first phase and up to 120 villages in 6 months after operational (over 15,000 people),

  • The location is in the middle of Thar Desert in summer the temperature rises to 50 degree C Regions Kaloi, Mithi & Diplo.
  • Over 95% population lives below poverty line 
  • Water is only available through solar drilling bore 150 feet deep which cost approx. Rs.150,000 this cost is unaffordable for the locals and even the bore is dug the water is brackish and polluted.
  • Water Quality is brackish to sea water. TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) readings are above 26,000 mg per liter comparing to under 1000 mg per liter of normal drinking water.
  • Health issues are extremely high in this area as people are drinking highly polluted water. Some of the common health issues are Gastric, Kidneys and Heart problems in children and adults.
  • On an average Women and children walk and wait their turn at water well which is 4 hours and a distance 8 kilometers daily to fetch polluted water.
  • We are determined to supply water to unreachable remote villages where NO motorized transport can deliver.

Desert Greening (Afforestation)

Since 2018 working with different types of plants & trees that can thrive in the harsh desert climate.
Last year we joined forces with Engro/SECMC Thar Coal and planted over 15,000 tree saplings of 7 different indigenous species on barren land successfully. We are also in a research partnership with Karachi University to grow plants from discarded brackish water from the RO Plant once reactivated.


We supply medicines & treatment to patients who cannot afford them. We are running a small program in which we transport terminally ill patients to Karachi, give them a place to stay, get the treatment/ surgery, meds, tests etc., with our connections with doctors & hospitals. 


We are running 2 village schools (Primary & Middle). Just bought 2 computers to introduce children to technology. As we just adopted these schools a few months back, there is a lot that needs to be done.


Since June 2020, we have sacrificed more than 350 goats for Sadqa. We have convinced our donors (who used to do Sadqa in cities ) to offer Sadqa in the Thar desert as the locals are suffering from malnutrition and cannot afford meat. To date, we have 60 plus villages that benefit from this program.


We distribute Ramzan Ration and Eid Ration annually & a few families, seniors, widows & orphans monthly. We also run Daily Iftar in Ramzan; this year, we achieved the highest, over 18,000 iftars.