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CFWO & SECMC Desert Green Project

Mr Akbar Farooqi, the founder of the Children & Families Welfare Organization, said:

“We are pleased that CFWO is part of this partnership, the first of its kind in the region. The signing will prove to be a historic MoU between the SECMC and our organisation. We look forward to working closely with our new partners to execute this venture and add green to the arid landscape of Tharparkar. This opportunity would not have been possible without tiring efforts of Health, Safety & Environment (HEC) a Department of SECMS and we continue to look for more areas of collaborations to generate new opportunities for welfare and betterment for people of Thar.”

The collaboration is also significant as it will forge a path into a new age of exploration of ideas to create robust methods to grow trees at a geometric rate with organic homegrown nutrients.
Finding ways for sustainable, most efficient and cost-effective methods to replicate similar environmental projects in future.

CFWO strives to provide:

  • Free Education
  • Free Healthcare
  • Free Drinking Water Thar Desert
  • Free Groceries for Widows, Orphans & Children
  • Free Winter Blankets